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SAM Safety

SAM Safety is a support plan aimed at organizations that have employees or clients with software license or asset management questions.
Price from 60kr/month per user.
SAM Safety subscribers receives support for software licensing questions answered by LicenseDesk with certified licensing experts,
as well as access to a web based IT-environmental analysis which identifies opportunities for improvement and recommendations on how to get the most value out of software investments. Subscriber organizations covering all qualified users on a company(organization)wide basis receive support and assistance with audits initiated by software vendors (for example Microsoft). Additional features is included in “Plus” and “Premium” plans. See below.
LicenseDesk – support if you have product specific questions or questions about licensing
IT-environmental analysis – help to get the most value out of software investments
SAM help – when it is time for an inventory request initiated by a vendor
Portal support – help with supplier/vendor portals (included in Plus & Premium)
Baseline – inventory snapshot matched with existing software licenses (included in Premium)

Benefits for resellers:

Increase revenue, free up time and let us answer those licensing questions and SAM inventory requests you normally receive from your customers.
A SAM quality mark will enhance your offerings so your customers will feel at ease knowing that you are helping them get the most out of their IT environment and identifying opportunities for improvement while they can feel confident in getting support for licensing review/auditing requests from software manufacturers.

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