Reseller services

We collaborate with distributors, resellers and service providers to perform SAM-projects together.

Either we take responsibility for the SAM project for your customer from start to finish or support you with specific parts of the process. Either under our flag or your flag, depending on your needs.

Software Asset Management hjälp som månadsprenumeration
Snow Admin

Cover your end customers organizations with a SAM Safety monthly subscription, to deliver help, just when they need it.

A web-based Environmental analysis helps the customer to get the most out of their IT environment and provides a solid base for wise IT investments.

Licensing questions gets answered by our licensing experts at LicenseDesk.

Support when the customer receives an audit/inventory request from software manufacturers, is included when SAM Safety subscription plan is ordered to cover all eligible users in the customer’s organization.

It’s never been easier to get a SAM quality mark for your delivery.
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Do you have customers who have invested in “Snow” as a SAM tool in their organization?

Would you like to offer help with Snow-administration through a partnership, without risking a competitive position with other license resellers?

We are a completely independent SAM partner without any own sale of software or hardware. We can help your customers to take advantage of Snow License Managers full potental, by getting the right data in the tool and keeping it updated.

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Other needs?

Please contact us if you have other ideas or needs. Perhaps your organization need to profil your own procedures concerning purchase and operation? Perhaps direct access to our LicenseDesk for software license questions?

Our independent status makes us flexible. Let us have a discussion! Find some examples of services we can offer below.

Optimization model

We can help you profile procedures for procurement, deployment, operation and retirement of software and hardware, for your customers. We work according to a tried-and-tested model: Software Optimization Model.

The model can be applied to everything from the purchase of computers for questions about how to reuse software/licenses as well as taking IT security from different aspects into account.

Kick-off meeting
Profiling of the organization via form/interviews
Further recommendations

Inventory request/audit

When your customers are contacted for a license audit, we can help you to help them.

Where do we start? How much time will it take me from my normal work? How is SQL licensed and does Windows Server have new license model? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

We at SAM Solutions have supported many inventory requests/audits at a vendor request. We are comfortable with taking responsibility from start to finish and have the license knowledge needed for supporting your sales staff in the best way.

Establish a Baseline

When your customer needs to establish a ”baseline” for what software their organization uses vs. what licenses they own, for future IT-related decisions, we can help.

Kick-off meeting
Analyzing proccess
Status report

We support you from start to finish, or specific parts of the process if preferred. We help you deliver SAM projects sucessully and make sure you understand what happens in every step during the process.

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