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Companies today rely on IT. But what parts are most important to take care of?

What is cost effective? To take advantage of cloud services or keep everything locally?
What does the license audit we received mean?

We deal daily with all these questions and more. Let us help, we offer solutions to smart license management for current software and hardware issues — all tailored by what issues you are facing right now.

Get help from certified License and Software Asset Management experts

Questions regarding software license and agreement rules?

Need assistance with a license review initiated by a software vendor, for example Microsoft?

Cover your employees with a SAM Safety monthly subscription, to get access to our LicenseDesk and much more. Subscribe to the help you need, just when you need it. Monthly cost: from 60kr/user. More info>>

Snow admin

“Snow admin” service comes with license expertise on top

Have you invested in Snow license manager as a SAM-tool in your organisation?

Make the most of your investment and Snow license manager tools potental, by inserting the right data. Let us at SAM Solutions take care of Snow Administration for you. More info>>

Other needs?

Have you received a quote that it is difficult to have a critical approach to? Or are you thinking of disposing of local hardware and wondering what it means? Let’s look at the pros and cons together and create a good base in preparation for decision making. Below are some examples of services we can offer.

Optimization Model

We can help your organisation in terms of profiling practices for the procurement, deployment, operation and retirement of software and hardware. We work according to a tried-and-tested model: Software Optimization Model.

The model can be applied to everything from the purchase of computers for questions about how to reuse software/licenses as well as taking into account a review of IT security from different aspects.

Kick-off meeting
Profiling of the organization via form/interviews
Further recommendations

Inventory request/audit

If a software vendor asks your organization to complete a license review or audit, we can help you with the proccess, from start to finish.

Where do we start? How much time will it take me from my normal work? How is SQL licensed and does Windows Server have new license model? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

We at SAM Solutions have supported many inventory requests/audits at a vendor request. We are comfortable with taking responsibility from start to finish and have the license knowledge needed to support you in the best way.

Establish a Baseline

When handling purchases or changes in the IT environment you get a major advantage if you establish a “baseline” for what software your organization uses vs. what licenses you own. By knowing what you have, you can better plan and budget for where you want to be.

Kick-off meeting
Analyzing proccess
Status report

We support you from start to finish, ensuring that your project is successful and that you understand what happens in every step during the process.

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